Equipped with approximately 15+ years of experience as a renter, a rental property owner-operator, and a property management services provider, we, The Fleetham Group have, and continue to attain the tools necessary to provide a Tried-N-True service to our clients, better known as your Landlord. Please know we understand your desire to rent property that is well-maintained, primely located, competitively priced, etc., and we promise to work diligently to provide such product to you each, and every, day. Please preview our Vacancies page to see if anything attracts your attention. If so – give us a jingle…if not – check back…our inventory is constantly evolving!

We appreciate your visit to our site, don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to improve, as we love constructive feedback!

Thanks, again, and we hope to eventually meet you!

Kelli Fleetham
Real Estate Broker
The Fleetham Group
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